Modern warships how to sell a ship?

Most likely you are already disappointed with some ship. To prevent this from happening again, read the article about the best ships in the game. Then you won’t have to sell anything.

And the answer is very simple, if it’s a non-combat pass ship: NEVER.

Once purchased, the ship is with you forever. So think thoroughly whether you need that very ship?

On the market you can sell and buy for artcoin only rare ships received for passing the battle pass.

How do you sell equipment?

But items (guns, missiles, missiles, air defense, etc.) can be sold for 50% of the purchase price. Rare can also be sold through the market for artcoin.

First remove from the ship, put in a slot any other weapon.

Go to the equipment store

Go to inventory

Select what we want to sell and click sell.

Important feature, the cost of a fully pumped item and absolutely zero – the same. On the screenshot DF-17 without pumping costs the same as a fully pumped lower (although it was poured into it somewhere around 3 million extra).


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