Thermal imager in War thunder

Thermal imager in War Thunder is available in most tanks/carriers of ATGMs/missile defense systems of rank 6 and 7. Also some tanks of rank 5 have it. It is used by most of the top players, it is very useful.

How to determine if a vehicle has a thermal imager in War Thunder?

First method

Go to modifications, look at the color of the NV modification. If the color is green, then it is just a NV (night vision drive), and if it is white, then it is a thermal imager.

Second method

Go to the test drive, go to the scope (Shift by default), and press the assigned button to turn on the thermal imager (how to assign further in the article). If the image in the sight became black and white (by default), then the equipment has a thermal imager, if nothing changed, then the equipment does not have a thermal imager.

How does thermal imager work in War Thunder?

The thermal imager in War Thunder helps you see tanks in the distance better than without it. This is especially helpful if the tank is hidden behind bushes and other vegetation. Here is an example, it is very difficult to see a tank in the distance without thermal imager:

Without a thermal imager
With thermal imager

As you may have realized, when the thermal imager is on, the equipment is illuminated because it emits heat. You can select different colors for the thermal imager in War Thunder, this is the standard one.

Which button and how to assign thermal imager in War Thunder?

Thermal imager in War Thunder is not assigned to any of the buttons by default. It can be assigned to “Control” → “tank” → “armament” → “night vision mode ” → “assign button” and then press the button to which you want to activate the thermal imager or NV in combat. Or you can do it like this: “Control” → “ tank” → “search” → enter “night vision mode ” → “assign button” and then press the button you want to activate thermal imager or NV in combat.


Personally, I activate the thermal imager or NV in combat on the “,” button, and I suggest putting one of the buttons of the bottom row of letters of the keyboard, but it’s a matter of taste.

How and when is it best to use a thermal imager?

A thermal imager is best used at night and at long distances.

At long distances

Long range without thermal imager
With thermal imager on, graphics settings are minimal

At night

You can’t see a tank at night without a thermal imager.
With thermal imaging, you can see the tank at night.

Also thermal imager can be used as a “trap” or when you want to get away from the enemy and still be able to fire at him. For this purpose most Soviet tanks and some tanks of other countries have TDA. The TDA works like a smoke screen, but you can see through it with a thermal imager.

View through TDA

Visibility during TDA without thermal imager
Visibility during TDA with a thermal imager.

Works both ways. I also do NOT recommend to use thermal imager in close combat, because vulnerable places are seen worse, explosions and smoke emit heat, because of them you can not see the tank, when without thermal imager the tank can be seen, as well as smoke without thermal imager disperse faster (that is, they see better) than with thermal imager.

Thermal imager on aviation

Thermal imaging cameras are also found on airplanes and helicopters. The device helps you to see your opponent better from far away and in vegetation.

Thermal imaging on airplanes

Without a thermal imager
With a thermal imager

Thermal imager on helicopters

Without a thermal imager
With a thermal imager

As you can see with a thermal imager on aviation you can also see ground and air vehicles much better. Most often aviation thermal imager 2 generation (high resolution) so, I highly recommend its use on aircraft and helicopters.

Thank you all who finished reading, on all screenshots graphics settings are minimal because the tanks are better seen. I recommend to everyone to play for the result to put them. If there are any questions on thermal imager leave them in the comments!


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