KB-X bomber in Modern Warships

“Sometimes your weaknesses are your advantages” – that’s exactly the phrase to describe the new Korean KB-X. I discovered one of the best bombers of the game.

Two missile slots, torpedoes, incredibly high speed – all of this at first glance makes the KB-X a questionable unit for April VIP BP 2024. This is certainly true if you view the Korean as a classic gameplay unit of the missile beaver. Keeping the distance, setting up traps, flipping off missiles – this is the style of play that will undoubtedly leave only bitter residue from the money spent after getting acquainted with this unit.

Meanwhile, KB-X is realized in a completely different way.

The KB-X is essentially used like the B21, but with a few caveats:

  • It has a small radius of illumination, which will not allow you to clear the entire map for your teammates;
  • Unlike the Raider, it is much better used on open maps because of torpedoes (on the Arctic, for example, there is a small chance of torpedoes crashing on rocks. On a conditional rocky channel there are no such problems);
  • It does not have 100% damage and the splash damage for shooting down helicopters is correspondingly absent as well.

So why is this bomber so much better than the B21 if it has so many disadvantages?

  1. Due to the sheer speed of the KB-X, timing leaves you far more free time to attack/drone than a raider. On the main maps of this bomber (rocky channel, storm) – this is incredibly important due to the quick death of the aircraft carrier.
  2. Inability to shoot down a bomber with a helicopter.
    If you fly at an altitude of up to 100 meters at full speed kbx to shoot down literally unrealistic. Given the fact that you do not need to brake to realize the bomber, we get almost a hundred percent 180-250 thousand damage every game.
  3. Primitive and easy gameplay.
    If the Raider requires aiming with bombs, then here the player is required to simply press 3 buttons.
  4. The second bomber can reveal itself with a hover.
    If an enemy ship came out at you – you just brake kbx over the aircraft carrier and roll about 350k damage in 7-8 seconds. With a raider, alas, it will not work like that.


Maximize missile rolls starting from slot 1 (since it is withdrawn). The main goal is to outplay the opponent’s reaction. Torpedoes are always the last to be dropped, because even if they fall directly on the ship, they cause damage. A non-detachable missile slot smears in a stop, but it’s better to lose 20-30k by dropping it over the ship than 90 from the first slot by dropping it early.

If you are playing k/squads against the same team several times in a row, change the order of missile rolls (ignore ltz first, then hypersonic) to confuse the enemy twice and let them throw traps earlier than they should. But use this at your own risk.

The second option is to fly them high in subsequent matches, so that missile rolls even close to vertical were not noticed. Or the opponents will have to keep the camera in the sky and be useless in combat (which is critical on a rocky channel/storm).

Damage Example. Kbx gives about 5 extra seconds after its realization due to its speed

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