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I remember that there were a certain number of players in the chat who could accidentally get under the moderator’s hand and go to the ban, although these people might not be participants in the “chat shit” in the game chat. Have you taken any actions to reduce the number of accidentally/mistakenly banned players

As for moderation, there were a minimum of random bans. Just then, few people knew the rules of communication in the game chat and the company’s policy. Therefore, it may have seemed from the outside that the player got banned for nothing. However, as a rule, evidence of the ban is preserved and, if necessary, the support service can look at what the ban is for, by whom and when it was made. Therefore, if the moderator made an unreasonable ban, and the player contacted the game’s support service, he was usually unbanked without questions. And the moderator got nuts. But Igor and I tried to convey our position to the violator first and explain his violation. And if the suggestion did not bring measures, then of course it was necessary to ban. Personally, I didn’t really like this case, it was easier for me to explain. And the players very often listened and drew conclusions.
Moderators have to absorb and pass through kilotons of information they don’t need every day, which often turns out to be complete nonsense. And there is a lot of outright nonsense in the chat, trolling, bullying, showdown, scam, spam, politics, insults, stupidity, sexual harassment, account sales, and other slop that moderators have to pass through themselves. They are a kind of filter that does not allow all this black stuff to pour out on the heads of the players. And it is thanks to such titanic work that many players communicate comfortably every day, get acquainted and chat in a chat, without even guessing what it cost the moderators.
For example, in my moderating activity, I almost divorced my wife twice, shattered my nervous system, constant lack of sleep, and fatigue, became irritable and nervous, my eyesight dropped and hit the car on the fence to the heap, as I moderated another srach in the chat and was distracted by it.
That’s the price, your normal and comfortable communication in the MW chat is given. And I am sincerely surprised at Igor, his steel nerves and balls can only be envied!

The moderator is not a dictator, the moderator is the one who ensures order and comfortable communication for ALL players in the chat.
If everyone understood this simple principle, chatting would become better and would not bring problems to the players and the project.

Please tell us about the obvious disadvantages in the work of the MV chat moderators? It is also known that they are paid only in-game currency, how do you think this is fair in the realities of shits in MV?

The disadvantages I listed above, and that they pay in game currency, it’s not true. Since, by and large, they pay for work, not for hobbies.
The company thanks you for your help and pours some gaming nishtyak on the account. Is it fair? How to judge. After all, the moderator himself agrees to these conditions, which means he is satisfied with it. Although to be honest, if they paid in real currency, it would be nice)))
Let it sound pathetic, but the biggest reward for a moderator is the result of his work, a calm and pleasant chat without red inscriptions.

Not so long ago, there was a character like BoonG in the game, he held tournaments and was a co-author of one of the tg channels dedicated to the game. Many experienced players noticed that the tournaments were not held the way they should, but they did not wait for feedback from the organizer and after a series of disgusting quality tournaments, the players united against BoonG and you took part in it.

Please tell us in detail about your personal opinion about the situation with the tournaments and what is your role in the fact that Bong was kicked out of the support program with a bang, because you eventually had a conflict with him that turned into a channel war? Also, the question that interested everyone was why, at the moment when everything turned into a channel war, you left the post of moderator in the game, everyone was sure that you were kicked out of office? How easy has it become to live without a chat moderator position?

Oh, I was so hoping that we would do without this character))) Well, let’s discuss this topic as well.

To talk about the war of channels would be too bold, I have nothing against Roma and his channel. It was something else there.

I was introduced to Bong by my old friend from the game Roma Ramses, he was his assistant or editor, something like that. Roma was then engaged in a tight tick current and dropped telegrams on bong. And I was just then engaged in the creation of an association of content makers for our game. And my colleagues and I created a YUE that included all the largest and most popular content creators from the CIS from different sites. In fact, this is an analogue of support. Both Turri and the developers’ representatives are there. It was there that the first foundations of the support program were born. An important role in this was played by Turyambych, who, like us, is a blogger, so he enthusiastically helped us to promote the whole thing. For which he has a special thank you.
We invited Roma there too, and he brought this pepper with him. At first everything was more or less fine, we interacted and communicated, but then I began to notice some left-wing attacks in my address, this guy’s emergency went off scale when he began to cheat and for some reason screwed up the telegram channel of bots. He began to call himself the top 1 of the entire Internet and so on. I would twist my finger at my temple and not pay attention, he is a fool and a fool in Africa. But I started getting complaints from players who somehow interacted with him in one way or another. To some he promised a hero, to others in general a moderator’s position in the MV chat, to others he fraudulently plagiarized ideas, to the fourth he unfairly sued at tournaments, to the fifth he shamelessly deceived at the same time intimidating players if they tell anyone about it threatening with a permanent ban of the account in the game. Since allegedly one of the developers is his relative.(he himself spread the rumor about this, trumping it at every corner)))). In general, he behaved disgustingly pretending to be a developer and defaming the name of the game, while being a simple assistant to the content maker. Attempts to talk to him did not lead to anything, he only got angry at me more and at some point came into my gazebo and started insulting me and my audience. For me, this was the last straw and I had to put this fucker in his place by exposing him to the fullest. What happened to him next, you already know.
As for my departure from the post of moderator, these events just coincided with the preparation for the move. I physically did not have time to moderate the chat, conduct channels, work and devote time to my family. Therefore, I asked the developer to resign in order to put my affairs in order. As for the rumors that bong was spreading that allegedly I was suspended from the moderator’s job for making too harsh statements about him, these are just his dreams. Of course, I was hit by a hat from the developers and very much, but my departure is dictated only by personal motives. However, despite the fact that I am not currently moderating the game chat, I continue to work on many projects related to the game and help with moderation, I actively participate in the alfatest, I am a member of the authors’ support program, I moderate the MV YouTube channel, etc..

For example, Max and I have created a bot Saporta, which accepts complaints from players about various violations of game rules. You can send an ID and a screenshot of the violator to it, or a bug, also the Support will tell the game rules and tell you all legal and relevant ways how to get into the game under sanctions. The support is installed in my Gazebo, to call him, it is enough to write his name: Saporta and follow the further instructions.

What kind of cooperation did you have? What was your activity in the framework of your cooperation? And as a result, as we know, your cooperation has stopped. What conclusions have you drawn for yourself from this collaboration?

And the conclusions: I am too kind and try to help everyone. Unfortunately, there are characters on my way who mistake kindness for weakness and strive to sit on their necks and dangle their legs. It’s sad, but time puts everything in its place and you can’t deceive the audience, she feels everything and knows where it’s good and where it’s deception. Well, I consider it my task to continue to help young content makers in their endeavors and popularize the game among the community. And I try to do it periodically.

Let’s now move from gaming to media affairs. How did the idea to create a Youtube channel “Topnado” come about? As can be seen from the information on Youtube, the channel was created on August 18, 2017 and, accordingly, there are the first videos that are not dedicated to MW. Have you uploaded videos to your channel, which then had to be deleted due to various circumstances?



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