Modern warships best tier 2 ship

Top 3 best tier 2 ship in Modern warships. A selection without aircraft carriers, submarines.

3rd place – RF Derzkiy

Available for dollars.

A ship with a talking name, because Derzkiy translates from Russian as “daring”.
Small, maneuverable and with a huge attacking potential. Air defense is its weak point, but the impact power compensates for everything with a vengeance.

2rd place – IT Caio Duilio

Only for gold.

A very creepy domager. Deals huge damage with three cannons, from which there is no escape with missile countermeasures. The price for this is his lack of defense, which makes him demanding on player experience. You can go to the 3rd tier and come back with a victory.

1rd place – RF BPK Admiral Panteleyev

Only for gold.

The perfect ship of the 2 tier. On board has weapons against any opponent. In addition to the strong attack also has a good defense. Definitely a top ship for both pros and beginners.


Or tell which ship is actually the best.



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